3D Printing

By: MD

Technology is advancing. New things are being invented every day. With comes a 3D printer. Invented by a man in 1982. This idea is being altered and used for all sorts of things, especially in the medical world. It started off with a doctor printing a conduct for a 3 year old because he had condition called tracheobronchomala. Where a part of the airway is very weak that it keeps on collapsing therefore makes breathing difficult. So they used the 3D printer. This occurred in 2012 and since them doctors and scientists have been coming up with revolutionary ideas that can save 100s of lives. Right now and in the future we will be able to print tissues with blood vessels, prosthetic parts of a low cost, medical models, bones, heart valves and organs. These are just some of the things that we are walking on. Scientists are finding new ways to use printers for the benefit of all human. Some Italian researchers are even developing technology to 3D print eyeballs by 2027. What is a 3D printer? It takes a digital model and turns it into a physical object. A 3D printer works by printing layer by layer in plastic, metal, nylon, and over a 100 other materials like human cells to make organs etc. when we think of everything that can be done, it just amazes me how advanced 3D printers are. When I first heard of them I didn’t understand how that would work. Like how would something print a 3D thing? But it’s cool how the printer uses a material and melts it to design layer by layer. Only six months ago students from University of British Columbia won an award for engineering and 3D printing an effective kind if surgical smoke evaculator. Also surgical instruments are being printed. Tools like forceps, scalpel handles and clamps. This is great because 3d printing the tools are way cheaper and when the tool is made it comes out sterile.


All kinds of doctors are coming up with new ways to use #d printing. 3D printing will change medicine, as we know forever. But 3D printing is also big in other areas not just medicine. Nasa is experimenting with 3D printing to see if they can send into space with astronauts on longer missions. For an example to mars. 3D printing is also used in industry. Things from dentals models to car parts, tools and models for buildings. Models are also used to show students in med school or school in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i1OS6ZU_-k


Furists even believe that 3D printing is the beginning of the third industrial revolution. They say that in 50 to75 years 3D printing will be huge. And that we will be living 100 to 110 years. Designers in America are working on 3D printed cars and in china they are working on 3D printed houses. Also in England they 3D printed a hamburger for the first time. The possibilities are endless. And this is just the beginning. For more info on the future of 3D printing click on this link. http://www.cnbc.com/2014/05/09/will-3-d-technology-radically-change-the-world.html



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