How Does Digital Technology Help Young Artists?

by: KM

There are many bad aspects to digital technology and the ways it affects us, but what are some good qualities? Well I could answer that in many ways, but what I want to focus on is the creative, inspirational, and artistic aspect.  Have you recently used  a website like Pinterest? Or etsy? Deviant art? Or have you recently made on online interaction to purchase custom made painting? There are many websites that provide a creative outlet for many artists.

Without technology, we wouldn’t have “new media art”. Visual effects such as, Simulation FX Matte paintings, and Compositings in movies would look very cheap, because it limits our the way we show an explosion in an action movie. Superman wouldn’t be flying, but walking or running. Green screen is counted as digital technology, so most movies would look like a grade fiver’s movie project without it. Fractals and Algorithmic art, that uses scanned photos, vector graphics, computer mice and/or a graphics tablet, would not exist. Many modern artists wouldn’t be artists without this technique, for they feel only comfortable using digital technology to create their greatest works. Digital art and visual effects do take great skill, for all  “brush strokes” takes advanced planning. Technology helps us develop and expand our knowledge of different techniques of art .


Andree Wallin titled the work “swamp fever” with the following description; “Title stolen from L4D2, a game that I love almost as much as I hate
Hope you like it!”

HP, the computer brand has recently come out with a computer with a built in scanner, where you could draw infront of the computer on blank space and all strokes you make will show up on the computer monitor. This replaces the graphics tablet, which does a similar action. see more about this topic here.

As Sol LeWittIn says :  “computer art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work . . . all planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes the machine that makes the art.”

have you yet seen the new star wars movie ” the force awakens”? Well guess how that one was made? That’s right, with FX matte paintings.The following continues with a spoiler alert; The Star movie producers take you behind the scenes and show you some of their greatest parts of their movie trailers here.


Without technology, it would be very hard to get your name known as a fellow artist. Most artist before technology were acknowledged only years after their deaths. But with social media,  the sharing cites like deviant art and Pinterest, people who see an artists piece could contact the artist via email and offer an exchange of money for a custom painting. Many people become internet famous for their work, your piece could be acknowledged on the internet through a news article, and shown in classes. For example,

Six year old  Leonard Belanger had won a contest hosted by Ikea, and now his cute little smiling sun, which beat 52,000 other entries, is becoming a soft toy sold all around the world in local Ikea stores. See the story here .

Or have you ever heard about the ” Doodle man”? Well he has created his own comic book and his own persona. The doodle man dresses like his comic book character, and wears white tuxedo suit covered in his black drawings. He goes and graffities the towns blank walls with his art and is rising slowly to the top. See the story here.


“exileden” labeled this work as “among the polar spirits” with the caption “All the beautiful moments that I experience, they stay inside myself.
Even through I miss them…”

With technology, for those artists in a funk, with no ideas, could, with a click of button, open up a website such as Pinterest and admire others work and photos. Being inspired is a very good thing about the internet. With easy access to photos and paintings through digital technology, it helps many artists and is also aesthetically pleasing towards any of the viewers. Some websites help artists store their ideas in a “folder” or “board” to look back on later on.


over all, digital technology has helped by providing many young artists a creative, inspirational, and artistic outlet, to showcase, and make their work.




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