cellphones and cancer

by MW.

Have you ever heard the rumor “if you put your phone in your bra you’ll get breast cancer” or “blue tooth ear pieces give you brain tumors”? Well with all questions there is an answer. So, “can cell phones cause cancer?”

Cell phones do not cause cancer.

Cellphones including smart phones give off a form of energy known as radiofrequency waves.  At very high levels RF waves can heat up body tissue, basically a microwave, but cellphones have much lower levels and are not able to raise body temperatures. X-rays gamma-rays and ultraviolet light are stronger and are able to raise body temperatures and break the chemical bond in DNA. The amount of energy absorbed into the user’s body is known as the specific absorption rate (SAR). The limit of SAR allowed in the United States of America is 1.6 watts per kilogram of body weight. But with all the rules and regulations there are loopholes and SAR levels can become misleading.

Currently there is no consistent evidence that that non ionizing radiation from mobile phones increase the risk of cancer. The World Health organization (WHO) says that the electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the international Agency for Research on Cancer as a possible carcinogen in humans. The theory was that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) could lower the levels of a hormone called melatonin and that this could increase the risk of breast cancer. But after looking at the evidence and testing this theory it did not appear to cause breast cancer or affect the melatonin levels. So since cellphones are usually held up to the head when in use the main concern was whether they might cause or contribute to tumors in the head and neck area Such as; malignant (cancerous) brain tumors such as gliomas, Non-cancerous brain tumors such as meningioma’s, non-cancerous tumors of the nerve connecting the brain to the ear such as acoustic neuromas, Non-cancerous tumors of the salivary glands. The closer the antenna is to the head, the greater the expected exposure to R.F. energy is. In a recent small study in people, it was shown that cell phones may have some effects on the brain. Although it is not clear if they’re harmful. The study found that when people had an active cell phone up to their ear that side of the brain used up more glucose than did the other side of the brain. So body tissues closer to the cell phone absorb more energy than tissue farther away. Animal studies on long term exposure to electromagnetic fields have not shown any increased cancer risk. Some scientists have reported that the RF waves from cell phones produce effects in human cells ( in lab dishes) that might possibly help tumors grow, however, several studies in rats and mice have looked at whether RF energy might help promote tumor growth caused by other carcinogens, these studies did not find evidence of tumor promotion. In most cases studies do not provide enough evidence to show if something causes cancer in people, so researchers usually look at lab based and human studies. As it seems the radiation from a cell phone is not able to heat body tissue or to damage the DNA inside cells. So many scientists believe that cell phones do not cause cancer.

So as I mentioned earlier there have been many tests that have happened some of them are; the Danish cohort study which is a large and long term study that has been comparing al of the people in Denmark who had a cell phone somewhere in between 1982 and 1995. This was about 400000 people compared to those without a cellphone and this happened again in 2007 but there was no increased link between brain tumors, salivary gland tumors, or any form of cancer. Absolutely nothing.

The 13 country INTERPHONE study was the largest controlled study done to date. It looked at cell phone use of more than 5,000 people who developed brain tumors either gliomas or meningioma’s. They looked at their phone use for 10 or more years. There was a small suggestion of a small increased risk of glioma and meningioma in 10% of the people. They also compared more than 1000 people with acoustic neuromas to people without. There was no link between the two.

The us national toxicology program is going to expose large groups of mice and rats to RF energy for several hours a day for up to 2 years and observe the animals from birth to old age. This should help clear up some questions.

Cell phone use is constantly changing. People are using cell phones much more than they used to because of the juristic changes that they have gone threw since they were first

made. Because of this it is hard to do long term studies. And nearly impossible to look for future health problems. And children might be more effective to RF energy. And the life time exposure will most definitely have a change in the matter.

So for several reason’s results from labs have been inconclusive and technology is evolving so fast it is hard to study the effects it has on us, but with all the good information we have it is pointing toward the fact that there is no link between cell phones and cancer.





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