How Face Time and Skype have changed communication

By ARfacetime-for-pc


I like talking about this topic because it has definitely impacted my life in the way people communicate. When my Dad was in the hospital after his surgery, my mom would Face Time him into my volleyball games or basketball games. This helped my Dad because he was in a lot of pain but watching my games would help distract him for a while. Skype and Face Time have changed communication in many ways, from in our general lives to our lives at work.


First I would like to talk about how video chatting actually came to be. Many people do not know that it was Skype that was invented first, but because it was so expensive in the beginning hardly anybody used it. Only really big companies could afford something like a conference call over Skype. Video chatting wasn’t popular until the new apple iphone came out with Face Time which was free with the phone so that people could actually use it. The first version ever of Skype was released August 29 2003. The skype software was created by Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasealu and Jaan Tallin. ”Wikipedia” Now Face Time and Skype are pretty much the best way to long distance with other people around the world or even just in your city. Basically, “Skype is essentially a freemium voice-over-IP service, also known as VoIP, that allows registered users to communicate online via online video calling.” The software used to create video chatting requires a camera either on the inside or outside of the electronic device with a microphone and internet connection. “It involves session ignition protocol that create and send multimedia data packets via a network connection.” “Widder”


Skype and Face Time are very useful in our everyday lives. It has never been easier to have a little chat before bed with your friend in Asia or tell someone the good news in New York. For instance, people who are deaf didn’t really have a use for a phone, but now you can click Face Time and have a full on conversation with one of our friends who is also deaf because you can see them doing their sign language. If you’re a Grandparent all the way out in British Columbia and wanting to see your grandchildren in Prince Edward Island, with just a click of a button you could be talking to them about how their day at school was. If your parents are divorced and you are at your mom’s but she is terrible at doing algebra but your dad isn’t, just call him up on Face Time or Skype and he could help you through it step by step. “Schmundt” It is the same if you’re a tutor and you can’t get to your student today. You could Skype them and then your problem is solved. Long distance relationships work the same way too. You can say goodnight to your boyfriend every single night because of this great invention of Face Time. If you are in a long distance relationship, Face Time could make the difference of staying together or breaking up because you still get to see their face everyday instead of just hearing their voice. “Schmundt” If you are feeling really down on yourself and all you need is to jam it out on your guitar with your friends half way across the country, just Face Time them and you are feeling great again. “Fulton”


Now there are also useful ways to use Skype or Face Time in our work lives. Instead of using Face Time or Skype, companies can use professional video chatting systems like Tandberg for videoconferencing. Video chatting can also be used to actually do your job, like giving yoga lessons to a class who needs a yoga teacher. Everyone who was there sends a cheque in the mail with their money from all the yoga classes that they have taken that month. The same goes if you already have a job but you would like to have some more money rolling in each month. Send out an ad saying that you can give language lessons even if you don’t live in the same country as them. This is why using Face Time or Skype is great for work. “Schmundt”


The way Face Time really changes the way we actually communicate is that we can actually see what they are doing. When you are talking to someone online, it is easy to stay focused, because if you are trying to do something else then the person on the other side will recognize that and stop the conversation. It also eliminates the frustration of not seeing their face. Say someone is trying to describe something to you on the phone, it is not going to be very accurate, But if they can actually show you with Skype then you can actually understand what they are describing. In other words you can see what the other person is seeing. “Dye”

In conclusion Face Time and Skype can change the way you physically communicate with one another online, change how you communicate with others in your daily lives, or in your work lives.

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