How digital technology affects our health

By: AF

In a recent survey it was shown that about 1 in 3 americans would rather lose their finger than to lose their phone. This proves how much we are addicted to our phones, iPads, iPods, and other devices, because we would literally cut off our finger than be separated from our device for a while. Another survey says that about 1 in 10 americans would rather their mother-in-law die than lose their phone, which I think is just terrible because you would rather have your phone for your own entertainment, than keep your mother-in-law alive, who’s an actual living human being. This is why I think digital technology is a very big issue and its starting to affect our health in very bad ways. Digital technology can potentially make you obese, it weekend your eyes( sometimes resulting in needing glasses), it damages your skin, and it also causes stress caused injurieskids-on-phones


Digital technology definitely affects our eyes, way more than we know. Our eye was not originally created to be staring at a screen with a bright light all day, in fact it is possible that you can get a temporary disorder from staring at a screen too long, This disorder is calledComputer Vision Syndrome and some of the symptoms are eyestrain, tired eyes, irritation, redness, blurred vision, and double vision. It was also proven that those who are constantly on their phone, iPad, iPod, or any other device, have significantly higher chance of needing glasses due to overuse and strain in the eye. Our eyes are very delicate and fragile, once you lose your eyes, then you wont be able to see again. So we should be taking care of them, and protecting them from getting damaged or broken, a solution for this is to spend less time on our devices, and instead, go outside for a walk, or spend time with our friends and family. Go play a sport or do something new, do something that won’t be potentially threatening to your eye. I think that of you’re on your phone or device so much that your eyes get strained and you need glasses, that’s a serious sign that that you are spending way too much time on your device and not enough time outside or being active. The average person spends about nine hours a day on their phone, or other device. This is very unhealthy for the eye and it should be much lower. But instead the number of hours has even raised from nine hours a day to ten hours. Thats almost half of our day that we are wasting on social media and entertainment like games or movies. This is definitely way too much and that number should be way lower. opternative1

Another thing that is really affected by digital media, is our skin and face. Our devices sometimes don’t seem very bright, but they are actually constantly emitting a blue light, which ages and wrinkles your skin. People who are constantly on their phone are prone to get tech neck, which is when you have drooping jowls, sagging skin, and a noticeable crease above your clavicle bone. Also, from constantly squinting at the bright light, or small font, you can develop crows feet around your eyes. Our devices emit electronic magnetic fields, or EMF’s for short. EMF’s reach the deepest point in our skin, and then they damage and break it. Scientists have proven that phones and devices can cause allergic reactions for some people, from the phone rubbing on your skin all the time. This is because of the nickel and chromium in the phone, which causes a skin reaction called Allergic Contact Dermatitis, causing you to develop a rash on your face and fingers. A way to prevent this from happening is to get a screen protector, which will prevent your skin from rubbing directly on the phone. When you are talking with your friend on the phone for a long period of time, usually the phone starts to get really hot, well this actually burns your skin. The overheating in your phone can cause dark spots on your face, mess up your melanin production, and cause discolouration. You can prevent these symptoms by using speakerphone or bluetooth, or you could just not talk on the phone as long.



One of the major sources of obesity has been confirmed to be from spending way too much time on phones and not enough time being active outside or being social with other people. This problem has intensified and will continue to become more intense as the years pass if we do nothing about it. A recent study has shown that for every hour a child spends playing video games, on their phone, or just sitting in front of any screen, their obesity risk is doubled. That means one more Childs life could be potentially ruined or destroyed if they spend as little as one hour per day on their device. So many people have become extremely sick due to obesity and have had to get surgery, and other medical procedures, just to maintain their health so they don’t die. Some were to late to act, and have dies because of obesity, leaving behind their loved ones who now mourn over them. Maybe parents that lost their child because of not being strict enough, and now are thinking, if only i would have done something differently.

In conclusion, now you know how digital technology, and being on your screen for long periods of time, is actually very harmful to your body, and for your overall health. So instead of being on a screen all of the time, you should continue to develop personal relationships with your friends and family, or you could be active and go for a run or play a sport.


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