My Digital Life: How Autocorrect can have a negative and positive effect on society

By: OH

Everybody has and uses autocorrect on all their devices; it makes writing emails, a letter on your computer, an essay or even a text message easier. You may think that this automatic program can make your digital typing so much easier, but you don’t know that it can actually cause you difficulties later on in life.

History of autocorrect and facts about your brain

 Autocorrect has many pros and cons for us. Autocorrect is software used on Apple products, Microsoft Office, Android devices, Blackberry Playbook and 10 and Google Nexus. A man named Hachamovitch worked at Microsoft and during his career he was involved in the inventions of AutoComplete, Autocorrect and progress animation. “Although This Is a Great Joke We’re Pleased to Report That the Inventor of Autocorrect Is Not Dead.” Us Vs Th3m. Web. 28 Jan. 2016. Autocorrect is a modern technology that can fix simple things like if you type “cna” it will change it to “can”. AutoCorrect can make typing quicker and more efficient for us by correcting errors for us. Your brain has this built into it and can still recognize and read the words. Here’s a tester to try out:

-Your biran can still reocgnize thses wrods

It’s pretty cool. “” › Log In. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.



Is Autocorrect bad for the dictionary business?

Autocorrect is a nice, fast and easy way for us to get work done, it sure is nice to not have to look up a word in a dictionary for every work you don’t need to spell. It is very uncommon that when you’re trying to write an essay and you don’t know how to spell a word that you will go find your dictionary and look it up. Most people try their best to spell the word, but if they’re really stuck they could go onto an online dictionary website and even speak it into the microphones on their devices and the word will pop up for you.



Can you forget how to spell words if you use autocorrect too often?

Not practicing or even using you wide vocabulary because you have chose to type, text or email everything might not be the best. Not practicing or spelling words is like not using a muscle in your body, it gets week, and eventually just becomes useless to you. I’m not saying that you need to sit down every night and just practice words and test yourself, but just once in a while write a letter to a relative that doesn’t live nearby, just think about it.



Is autocorrect affecting how children study spelling and learning new vocabulary?

If you look back to when you were in elementary school almost every kid had spelling texts regularly to practice their spelling, and to open up their vocabulary. Now i look back and think it is not as common to have spelling test in the later years of school. Obviously kids will still have spelling tests because if their didn’t they would be toast in the world. Spelling tests are very useful because how are you going to do lots of things in the world where you need to have a wide vocabulary like a writer, a journalist, stenographer, or even just a regular job in an office, it would be very hard and would take a very long time to do anything. In conclusion, it depends how much you practice your spelling, and if you want to excel and widen your vocabulary, or if you just rely on autocorrect to practically write your whole essay!



Cons of having dictionaries instead of autocorrect.


-You need to buy dictionaries, and can be expensive.

-They aren’t instant access to you.

-Dictionaries use up a lot of paper and can be bad for the environment.

-Is slower and can take longer to find the word that you are looking for.

-In a rare case the word that you are looking up could not be in the dictionary



Pros of using autocorrect and not dictionaries


-Autocorrect is free and is available to you right away.

-It is more efficient and easier to use.


Autocorrect is a modern technology that has changed the way that we do things on our devices, and how old tools that we used before, like dictionaries aren’t used as much anymore. Just like everything it has many pros and cons to it.



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