Students Teaching Teachers (ICT)

The Future Starts Now (2012 Edition) – The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education

The implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) requires infrastructure, consultation with shareholders and professional development.

Infrastructure is the development of a robust and reliable wireless environment.  This is the highway which enables much of ICT today to be maximized.

Consultation with shareholders includes students, staff, administration, board and parents.  What are the possibilities in ICT?  What are the benefits to the school community?  What are the concerns for the school community?  Bring your own device (BYOD), recommended device or mandated device?  Each school community has their own particular requirements.  There needs to be a consensus of digital citizenship standards for all taking part in the network.

Professional development is a key to successful implementation of ICT.  Not all teachers will be comfortable with students using devices in their classrooms.  Others will be excited by the possibilities to engage students in new ways.

The big question is how to provide professional development to those who are open to learning.  I find most teachers are willing learners.  It is part of their pedagogical DNA.  One interesting suggestion is the formation of a technology club for students.  This club will explore the possibilities for technology in the classroom.  They will look at hardware, software and apps.  They will become consultants for students and teachers.

Is it possible to have students teach teachers in ICT?  Will teachers be open to the experience?  Will there be interest from students in joining this club?

I would love to see a classroom environment where students and teachers work together to maximize the possibilities of ICT.


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